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Next Insurance is transforming the outdated insurance industry, utilizing AI technologies to simplify business insurance shifting its product 100% to online. Next serves as a Mecca for developers, data professionals and AI professional who are considered to be industry-leaders and in some cases even gurus in the development world. The company also provides room for the implementation of new programming languages, and it has short development rounds so that each employee has personal responsibility to meet the goals.

Reaching for the stars

Next has raised over $630 million from top tier investors like Capital G and Munich Re and is the valley’s latest unicorn, valued at over $2 billion.

Why Next is the best place for developers to work at


We’re using modern FE technologies - working on the latest Angular version and with NODE.JS, which allows us to build at a high rate even during accelerated growth.


We have a cool CI/CD process - we enter the code that automatically in production after 30 Min! and we push to production a few times a day 🙂


We support our employees - work life balance, send to conferences, events, courses and even give permanent sponsorship at Nir Kaufman “After Hours” meetups!

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Open positions

The Application team is a full-stack Javascript development team, which is responsible for all client-facing applications, marketing integrations, tracking systems, testing systems and much more. We use the latest technologies and are always looking for new ways to improve.

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